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With a scientific, humanistic, collaborative, authentic approach, committed to the changes our country is currently facing and in line with its institutional objectives.

Social networks summon us

Addis L. Avila Sterling |
August 29, 2017 - 16:00

With a scientific, humanistic, collaborative, authentic approach, committed to the changes our country is currently facing and in line with its institutional objectives.

These days, our University is rejuvenating itself.  The new academic year is more challenging than the previous one because at the University of Informatics Sciences (UCI) there is no room for monotony, discouragement or immobility.

This academic year that starts can be recorded as one of the most important ones for several reasons, but you will surely agree with me that the opening of the new Bioinformatics Engineering career, the institutional evaluation process and the celebration of our 15th Anniversary are the main incentives to activate the senses, the capacities and the feelings of the whole university community; personal and collective challenges that will make us rediscover in each process the very essence of our educational institution.

In this journey towards Excellence, in this first step towards the education of new professionals and in the effort to contribute to computerize the processes of our society, we are not alone. There are more than 24 thousand followers in social networks among people, institutions, national and foreign organizations, who are interested in the work done at UCI, and they let us see through their attitude the lights and shadows of our work.

This virtual community is not alien to ours, as all together we build up the institution community in the Internet. Its contribution is fundamental for our existence in the current context, where the continuous development of technology, information and communication demands being inside the networks in order to be successful.

This has become a necessity, almost obligatory for human beings, groups of people, and States, who warn us about the importance of coexisting in harmony within these digital spaces; that is why they prepare their members, design their online communication strategies, consolidate their working teams in search of comprehensiveness in the contents, and systematically evaluate their performance.

The University, active in the Internet social networks since 2010 has undertaken this challenge with absolute determination. With a scientific, humanistic, collaborative, authentic approach, committed to the changes our country is facing and in line with its institutional objectives, UCI dialogues with its followers

Everything that happens in the field of training, research, production, university extension, political and ideological work, reaches the social networks of the University in the typical language of the cyberspace. The work of students, teachers and specialists is the main dish that nourishes the unbreakable image and identity of our center. You will also find here calls for events, reflections, information of interest to the community, and perhaps you may even find yourself in some publication.
There have been setbacks and imperfections while we move along, but to face them successfully, we must have a crystal clear understanding of how each of us can contribute to the development of  the university model that we are  building  up, in order to employ the digital platforms more effectively and to act all united in pursuit of our institutional development.

The Cuban people who listen to us on social networks are our first judges; in addition, professionals in computer science and other sciences, graduates, youth, adults, universities and home and foreign institutions, media and also detractors all come together in our official profiles.

Get connected  and your eyes will be caught by likes, feelings expressed without fear, emoticons, gifts, labels, comments of all kinds, including scientific-technological, political and  humorous types; messages of gratitude, questions, private messages that, according to the laws of virtual courtesy, all deserve our attention.

We are aware of our responsibility not only to implement and comply with the computerization policy of the Cuban society to endorse the principles and values of professional education in our country, but also to communicate them properly. Each one of us, with his/her voice, can convey the truth of UCI in Cuba today.

Find in the social networks the ideal space for this purpose, to consolidate the image of a Cuban University, powerful in technological matters, committed to its Revolution, and, as we all hope, a university of Excellence.

We count on you.


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